Buy Discount Activyl Spot On for Dogs & Cats Online $39.95/4pk

Activyl Spot On solution is a monthly flea treatment that works like no other flea product on the market. Activyl works by using a method called bioactivation, a method in which the active ingredient, indoxacarb is fully activated by using the flea’s own enzymes. Activyl can be used for both dogs and cats, and kills not only adult fleas, but also flea eggs and larvae too; thereby, breaking the flea’s lifecycle.

Buy Discount Activyl Spot On $39.95/4pk:

For: Dogs and Cats 8 weeks of age or older

New technology for flea control
Kills fleas, flea eggs and larvae
Breaks flea’s lifecycle
Quick-drying and fragrance free
Waterproof even after bathing

Dog: The recommended dose is 15 mg indoxacarb/kg bodyweight, equivalent to 0.077 ml/kg body weight.
Cats: The recommended dose is 25 mg indoxacarb/kg body weight, equivalent to 0.128 ml/kg body weight.

Small Cats 2 – 9.0 lb 100 mg
Large Cats Over 9.0 lbs 200 mg
Toy Dogs 4.1 – 14 lbs 100 mg
Small Dogs 14.1 – 22 lbs 150 mg
Medium Dogs 22.1 – 44 lbs 300 mg
Large Dogs 44.1 – 88 lbs 600 mg

Buy Discount Activyl Online $39.95/4pk:

Activyl works to break the flea’s lifecycle by killing not only adult fleas, but also flea eggs and larvae, which reduces the chances of your pet becoming reinfested. Activyl is spread through your pet’s skin and coat. When a flea lands on your pet, it takes up the active ingredient of Activyl and causes the enzymes in the flea to change. Activyl then reaches its full active form and the flea becomes paralyzed and unable to feed. This process is called bioactivation — the newest technology in flea control. In addition, Activyl is waterproof, quick-drying, and fragrance free.

Do not use Activyl for dogs on cats, or allow your cat to lick or groom a dog treated with Activyl. Do not use on cats or kittens under 2 lbs, or dogs or puppies under 4 lbs, and no kittens or puppies under 8 weeks of age. Certain medications may interact with pesticides. If signs of sensitivity occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Manufacturer: Merck Animal Health

Buy Discount Activyl for Dogs & Cats $39.95/4pk: